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Dog treats 101


All dog parents love to give out dog treats and chews because it makes their pet very happy. When you offer a treat to your beloved pet, it can have real-life benefits. Usually, the dog treats and chews are used to aid with learning new behaviours and tricks, and you can even use them to sneak a prescribed pill.

Types of dog treats

Not only does it depend on your pup as to which dog treats are best for it and which ones it likes, but also on diet and what you're looking to achieve.

  • Training treats

Training treats can be a key to a well trained pup, though patience and positive reinforcement are also helpful. As some behaviors might a little harder to learn than others, you may need to dole out several treats in a single session. Small and dry treats can be the best dog treats for training, and if there are extra-long sessions, you can cut these treats into smaller pieces.

  • Comfort treats

An excellent way to alleviate the guilt of separation anxiety and boredom associated with the dog's life is to keep it busy. Though, a dog bone may not be the best option for your pet, as it can do more harm to it than good. The fragments from dog bones can damage the dog's mouth, throat, and intestines and even cause choking.

You can go for the peanut butter treats, and other comfort treats that your dog cannot gobble up too quickly. Such comfort treats can also help the puppies that are teething and even dogs that gnaw on shoes.

  • Healthy dog treats

All animals have dietary needs to keep them strong and healthy. Functional food or healthy dog treats can undoubtedly be a great way to offer your pup something extra. For an upset stomach, you can try pumpkin dog treats or other snacks that are tummy-friendly.

If your pup is older, it may benefit from treats with joint or hip formulas to help them move more like a dog half their age. There is a variety of functional food formulas and flavors suitable for your needs and the taste buds of your pups.

  • Aromatic treats for mental stimulation

Dog treats can be used to play interactive games with your dog. Soft and aromatic treats can be placed into treat ball or puzzle toy, and then have your dog sniff it out. This not only keeps your dog's mind engaged but also provides entertainment. In case you don’t have puzzles or a treat ball, a few cups or even your hands can make your canine guess where you have hidden its treat.


It is very important to know how and when you can use treats because it can benefit your dog's health and happiness in many ways. If your dog is happy and healthy, it will also make you happy and healthy. Your dog requires nutrition from meals, and therefore, you must keep a check on your treating habits and make sure that you don’t give your dog excessive treats.

If you are looking for dog treats, then we recommend you to visit our Treats page!

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