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What's the best puppy shampoo?


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One of the fundamental requirements to maintain your young dog’s optimum health is a puppy shampoo. This canine care product is critical to the coat health and optimum skin and prevents diseases or health conditions that may arise because of an unhygienic coat or pet skin.

Skin and coat are the two main organs that essentially form the primary defence against any foreign body invasion; therefore, maintaining integrity is crucial. The best shampoo for your puppy can maintain its integrity, and you'll also love your pup smelling scrummy!

Why do we need to buy a puppy shampoo?

In the same way a puppy's teeth are different from the adult dogs' teeth, so is their fur or coat. It depends on your dog breed, a fully grown adult dog can have double or thick coats, but puppies, on the other hand, have fluffier and softer fur developed as a single coat.

When growing into an adult dog, the pups shed their puppy hair and get their fur replaced. Because of this difference between a puppy and the more mature dog hair, puppies need shampoo specially formulated to meet their fluffy and soft puppy follicles' sensitivity requirements.

Can we use human baby shampoo?

Some people use human baby shampoo as an alternative to the more expensive pup shampoo. Some experts believe that you can use it on your pup if the shampoo is not medicated and is made up of mild natural ingredients. 

You need to understand that the hair wash's formulation must be a little more alkaline. The main reason is that dog skin is more alkaline than human skin, which means it is more acidic.

Choosing the right puppy shampoo

  • Correct pH level

It is suggested that it's best not to use human shampoo on your dog because the dog's skin is more alkaline. The skin pH of an adult dog is a little bit more acidic than that of the puppies. Therefore, you must choose a more alkaline shampoo.

  • No artificial ingredients

Just like your baby, you also don’t need to use any artificial ingredients for your puppy. These are known to be harsh chemicals. If artificial components are harmful to adult dogs, then they can be more damaging to the puppies. Formaldehyde, Phthalates, and nitrosamines are a few substances that you have to watch out for.

  • Natural fragrances

The majority of pet owners prefer their puppy shampoos to be scented over the non-scented ones. We all love our pups to smell fresh. In that case, you have to choose a product that has natural fragrances like rose, chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus, as these are safer and equally fragrant alternatives to synthetic ones.

We stock the beautifully scented and natural Coconut based shampoo by Dug and Bitch which is perfect for your pup.

If you are a pup owner, you need to buy a pup shampoo. You may also use a human baby hair care product that has slightly more alkaline, is milder, and doesn't have an artificial chemical to irritate the developing coat of your pup. 

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