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Where can I find plastic free dog toys?


The majority of plastics and their additives can be harmful to our pets. So far, no regulatory body is responsible for safeguarding the known toxins levels present in the pet toys. Though there are some places where you can find out your pet toys to be tested for safety, not many people know which companies are making plastic-free dog toys. 


Dangerous plastics and additives that can be found in pet toys

The pet toys that are purchased today may contain a cocktail of chemicals, and you may have heard about the majority of these. Unfortunately, plastic pet toys are still flying under the radar, though they are very dangerous for our dogs. The following are the plastics and additives that can usually be found in pet toys.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Phthalates
  • BPA
  • Lead
  • Alkyl-phenols

The importance of safe play

Dog toys are an essential part of our pup's life, as they can help them fight boredom when you are apart, and they prevent the dogs from creating problem behaviours. They also offer comfort for your pet and stimulate their brains.

There is also the benefit of the physical exercise these toys offer because tugging, fetching, hiding, and finding toys keep our dogs up and active. This is why more people are demanding plastic-free dog toys.

How to check whether your toys are plastic-free or not?

  • Pay attention to the numbers

You can look for the #3 recycling symbol on the bottom of your pet's toys, indicating vinyl and can be dangerous for your pet. Keep in mind that a toy that doesn’t have a number doesn’t guarantee your pet's safety.

  • Check the label

Go for the dog toys with ingredients that are labeled clearly. If you cannot find the ingredients on the product's label, you can call and ask the manufacturer. It would be helpful if you also watched for bromine, melamine, and formaldehyde that can also be harmful.

  • Stick with untreated

Untreated material is known to be the most important one. Try to think of how the entire toy is made, the way it's dyed, and the materials that may involve a chemical extraction or cleansing process. 

  • Go natural

Latex, natural hard rubber, wool, and hemp can be the best choices for your plastic-free dog toys that won't mean introducing toxins to your pup. If you want to be creative, you can also use pillowcases or T-shirts. It is crucial to give your dog plastic-free and safe toys for comfort and fun!

Until there are some regulations placed to safeguard what the online retailers and the pet stores offer to the pet owners, you need to make sure that the products that you choose are very safe for your pet. By having a little information in hand, you will be able to make informed decisions when treating your pup.

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