About us

Ruby & Olive, based in Kent, is a marketplace for the UK's best eco-friendly, sustainable and natural pup products.

The founders, red cockapoo puppy Ruby, apricot angel puppy Olive and their pawrent Vicky have selected their favourite products from incredible brands that share their same values and love for the environment.

We believe that products don't need to be made with plastic and that pup pawrents, who want to spoil their cherished ones, can do so without contributing to more waste.

About Olive

Olive was brought home by Vicky and husband Ben in October 2019. She loved cuddles, late night zoomies, licking her plate clean and going for long rambly walks in the Kent countryside.

Vicky and Ben sadly lost Olive in May 2020, which left a pup sized hole in their family.

Whilst Olive is no longer with them, they cherish her memory with an Olive tree in their back garden and her framed pictures close by.

About Ruby

Vicky and Ben welcomed Ruby home in the summer of 2020. She loves bedtime biscuits, jumping up for kisses and Olive's favourite tennis ball.

Ruby is chief taster and tester for all of our Ruby & Olive products so be sure to follow her on Instagram for her intrepid insights.